Friday, December 20, 2013

FIF: The First Amendment

I made a typo in the title of yesterday's post. Gah! I'm tired, folks. Not sleepy-tired, ready for a break tired. The end it nigh!

Anyway, so in all the opinions on the recent Duck Dynasty debacle, I saw this on Facebook and thought, "AH-HA! Yes! Something we can all agree on!"

Flip It Friday: Am I right? 
Do we agree that criticism of another's belief isn't denying them their belief? 
That we are each responsible for ourselves? 
That maybe if we don't want to be criticized we shouldn't criticize? 

'Cause I never criticize.

Please don't fact check this by reading any other post on this blog. I be a liar!

And if you just can't get enough of this discourse, read this blogger's editorial. I think she's magnificently eloquent and educated on matters at the intersection of race, religion, sexual orientation and mental health. Agree or disagree, it's well written.

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  1. I think she made some really good points. What I found most alarming about the Duck Dynasty debacle (I don't watch the show), is that people are defending this as free speech, but yet if he were talking about blacks, Asians, Hispanics or any other race, it would be treated as hate speech.
    As a Christian, I've never understood why homosexuality has been the one sin that mainstream Christianity has chosen to focus on since there are lots of other sins that are committed all the time, and yet we have somehow found peace with those. I think above all the other messages of Christianity, loving thy neighbor is the most important message shared, and Jesus Himself told us not to cast the first stone.