Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines

To a Late In Life Love, Pink

I've had a strange relationship with pink.
I never liked her, never met her.
As an eclectic, elective, inventive second girl,
I much preferred, always received, came to own

Those last three came in dolls
They came in matching clothes
Pink for her and other for me.
As a second, of course,
Pink was for firsts and onlys.

I took pride in purple!
Boasted full of blue!
Grabbed green by the horns!
Pink and firsts deserve one another.
What they have together they can keep forever.

Repressed, Pink laid in wait.
Patient, Pink.

All in one day I grew up
into a long, pink gown.
Hi Pink.
"Hi, piano-play-ivory-pale skin," she replied.

I took on blush.
I welcomed watermelon.
Pale red read well.
Dark, near oranges
arranged upon me.

Finally feeling first, feminine,
I flush in a complimentary shades
of and for a late in life love.